South Bay Youth For Change

South Bay Youth 4 Change (SBY4C) began in 2007 with four students who wanted to make a change in their community, and that is why the number 4 is in the title of the group, to symbolize the original four members who participated in the group.

It works closely with students from the Sweetwater High School District, as well as schools outside of the district including Mar Vista High School, Chula Vista High School, Hilltop High School, Sweetwater High School, and High Tech High Chula Vista.

SBY4C Core Group meetings are held every Tuesday during the school year at 5:00 p.m. This group brings multiple campuses together, at one site, to discuss issues and projects for the South Bay as a whole. Students who attend SBY4C meetings receive community service hours, do great things in their neighborhoods and beyond, such as receive internships with local municipalities, gain employment experience through the County of San Diego, and receive media exposure for their community work. If you’re interested in learning more about South Bay Youth 4 Change, check out our social media!